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$275(1) 3 Hr Initial Consultation/Protocol & Habit Change Program  W/Ingo
$275(1) 3 Hr Initial Consultation/Protocol & Habit Change Program  W/Ingo
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I Invite You To Download Questionnaires Below, Fill Them Out Completely and Remember Don't Look at Them as a Test, But Rather As A Tool, a Set of Clues That Will Reveal Some Real Evidence That We Can Use To Solve Your Crime Scene (Aka Your Body and Health Issues). Use extra paper if needed for ?'s That Require More Explanation. Then  Email or Fax Them Prior To Doing Our  Results and Program Design Session Together. I Will Provide You With All the Answers You're  Looking For and Give you an Exact Blue Print of What to do Next.

Why The Nutritional, Exercise and Lifestyle Choice HABIT
is More Important Than Any Plan or Program

In the last few months, I’ve spent a bit of time working with a group of fantastic wellness and fitness experts to create a unique approach & program that I think could change people’s lives.

But what I’ve found in doing research and working with beta testers is that the most important thing isn’t some secret ideal wellness plan … but forming the habit of being healthy

It’s the habit, not the plan, that makes all the difference in the world.
It’s fascinating, really. I’ve found that you can give beginners all kinds of different exercise and nutritional plans — Metabolic Typing , vegan,, green smoothie Diets, raw foods, yoga, running, Crossfit, TurboFire, P90X, bootcamp workouts, MoveNat, etc. —

and they can all fail.

Why? Because it doesn't’t matter how good the workout is, or how good the diet is if people don’t actually follow the plan.

The problem isn’t that people don’t know what kinds of exercises  to do OR FOODS TO EAT … they generally do know what they should be doing. And really, no matter what people choose, it’ll (generally) be better than nothing. It’s much better to do bodyweight exercises, or run, or do yoga, or play a sport, than to do no activity at all.
So how do you get people to do something, rather than nothing? It’s not even a matter of motivation. You can motivate people to get active — for a day or three. That’s not the hard part. The hard part is figuring out how to get them to stick to it.

When I first started DOING TRIATHALONS  in late 1997, I knew that I could get myself to swim,bike and run for a few days, because I’d done it a dozen times before. But never, in those dozen attempts at running, swimming and biking, could I stick to it for long enough to make any difference in my health, fitness level, weight.

Then I applied the same principles that worked for learning how to sing and play a guitar,  and it stuck. A year later, I had my first appearance on stage. I then went on to do many small events and venues until I actually got  actually got a full time paying job as a singer/musician. And have had several more since then.

What was the secret? Motivation? A good running plan? No: it was learning to create the habit of running, and figuring out how to make that habit stick.

It was that simple.

And yet, none of the major fitness and health programs really addresses this. I can’t understand why — having lots  of DVDs is worthless if you don’t stick to it for longer than a week, or even a month or two. Working out really hard f OR DIE-ting for one or two months is great, but what happens after that? Do you keep going? Usually the answer is no — and that’s if people can even make it to two months. Usually they can’t.

And so I decided address this problem. I Created a Habit Forming Cheat Sheet to focus on not only a good Wellness and Exercise program, but those who want to form the habit and stick with it. It’s based on habit techniques that I’ve tested on myself for years, and that I’ve taught to hundreds of  clients and patients.

So do you...

If you fit the first two criteria and one of the last four, the program is designed to help you. It’s not for people who are already really good at the habit of fitness, eating healthy, and meeting their health, fitness and lifestyle goals.

Anyway,  The How to Eat, Move and Be Healthy Program  is now open, and I wanted to share a bit about what I’ve learned about fitness, health, habit forming and lifestyle program and how this one will work for you.

I find it incredibly interesting how important the habit froming program is,  compared to what fitness and/or eating plan we decide to teach you and follow.

Form the habit, create the lifestyle, and all the rest flows into place.

The price listed is a one-time fee for access to me and a personalized, tailor made  habit, nutritional, exercise,  and lifestyle change program  in a life changing  3 hours of one on one time or 2 - 90 minute Sessions, it's your choice. BTW,  It’s not a recurring monthly membership. Just Click Add to Shopping Cart Below and INVEST in Your Health and Finally Solve the Crime Scene That is Going on In Your Body.......I Will Be In Touch With You Soon Within 23.7 Hours or Less.
$275(1) 3 Hr Initial Consultation/Protocol & Habit Change Program  W/Ingo
$275(1) 3 Hr Initial Consultation/Protocol & Habit Change Program  W/Ingo
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