Before I begin with this very special section on  the immune system cancer, I need to be very clear about something. The information contained here is NOT meant to treat cancer or any other disease. In fact, I do not treat cancer since I and many other health professionals and research scientists do not consider it to be an illness. Cancer is a condition that can occur in the body due to an immune system that is not able to do its job correctly. We know that by the time a cancer can be medically diagnosed by most traditional testing methods, it is has generally been growing for 5-10 years. The body was unable to destroy the first few cells (that many experts say our bodies produce every day) and the cancer cells slowly grew and multiplied. As they became larger, they possibly gained the ability to shield themselves so that the body not only could not destroy them, but in fact might not even have known they were there anymore.

The purpose of what I do and of what the information set forth here is designed for is therefore NOT to directly kill cancer cells. Cancer cells are in fact YOUR cells and not the cells of some different organism such as would be the case if they were a virus, bacteria, or parasite. The idea is to change the biological terrain of your body so that it is no longer hospitable to having the abnormal cancer cells, while at the same time helping your immune system to do its job better. In this way, if successful, some of the cells will redifferentiate back to normal cells while others will be destroyed by your immune system’s soldiers such as your NK or natural killer cells. This can be a long and difficult task and some immune products can be costly. Remember how many years it took for these cells to get to the point they are currently at!

If you can set up a consultation with me I have a very specific software called food pharmacy that along with your advanced food fingerprint test will give you a very clear picture of what you can and cannot eat there are about 349 foods and then from that list the software will eliminate the foods that are poison and tell you the specific ones that work just for your food fingerprint and particular illness.
See The VIdeo of the software I use after I get the 349 food list. Now your food becomes your medicine and not your poison

The most important things that must all be carried out as soon as possible are (in no particular order):

1) Eliminating all foods that depress immune function (foods containing almost any sweeteners or sugars, foods made of flour, potatoes, and any food to which you are allergic or reactive to in any way).

2) Eating adequate amounts of healthy foods, especially fresh non-starchy vegetables of various colors, animal protein only from animals that were raised and fed their natural diet, and healthy fats both from the properly fed animals as well as others listed in the information below.

3)  Removal of toxins from the body which were part of the causes that depressed your immune function including but not limited to- pesticides, herbicides, fungicides, chlorine, fluoride, mercury, lead, etc.

4) Support of the main eliminatory organs such as the liver and kidneys with products designed to carry out this task.

5) Consumption of adequate amounts of CLEAN PURE Distilled water in between meals to help flush out the toxins.. I strongly recommend half your body weight in ounces a day is a good beginning goal for an average weight adult.  . Please note that hormone free and antibiotic free meats are often not as claimed. You need to check whether this statement means from birth to death or only the last 90 days to meet government standards. More importantly is that you need the food that the animal eats to be it natural diet. For example most beef that is free of added chemicals was still raised on grain and not pasture fed on grass, as it would be in nature. This causes all the fatty acids to be in the wrong balance. The Whole Foods Market chain of stores is one place where you can purchase New Zealand beef, which is one of the grass fed types that is available.  I strongly recommend US WELLNESS MEATS my affiliate link is embedded so I do get a bit of credit when you shop here on my site


  • Questioning Chemotherapy by Ralph Moss
  • The Cancer Industry by Ralph Moss
  • Confessions of a Medical Heretic by Robert Mendohlson
  • Modern Foods by David Casper & Thomas Stone
  • The Definitive Guide to Cancer Future Medicine Publishing
  • Dr Bauman On Cancer. He is one of  the premier teachers on the subject and has been one of our mentors as well.  Here is a free gift for you from us.   Free Download Now

Special CANCER (and immune enhancing) diet

Before I begin, let me clarify something about food choices, cancer, and the medical industry. Physicians are taught almost nothing about clinical nutrition and diet. Dieticians are also taught almost nothing about clinical nutrition and neither professional would be able to pass the national board exam in clinical nutrition. To ask most doctors about nutritional supplementation or diets for cancer would be like asking a plumber or an electrician for information about how to make your financial investments. Always be certain that you ask questions from professionals who are thoroughly trained in the area of your question or else their incorrect answers and lack of knowledge will be partly your fault.

It can be very difficult to radically change your dietary habits. Keep in mind that your body is fighting a tremendous battle and it needs your help in two very important ways.

First, your body needs you to do your utmost to eliminate all of the things, which helped it, get to its present unhealthy condition. Second- your body needs you to supply it with all of the necessary building blocks and possibly many special supplements so that it can work its magic (but it is not magic) of helping to support and increase its ability to fight the cancer cells.

FOODS TO ELIMINATE (as much as possible)

All foods with any type of natural or synthetic sweeteners added. (Use Stevia instead).
This includes all sugars including molasses, corn syrups, honey, fructose, fruit concentrates, fruit juice concentrates, etc. Small amounts of Raw- unheated- unfiltered honey only if absolutely necessary and possibly Xylitol that appears to be an anti-bacterial sugar which at least in small amounts is not causing any problems or altering the blood sugar level.

A study done in Europe showed that micro waving changes the molecular structure of foods, making them depressive to the immune system, therefore I highly advise against the consumption of foods cooked defrosted or re-heated in a microwave if you are trying to improve your health and immune system.

All foods made from any kind of flour should be reduced as much as possible, or eliminated. This includes whole wheat breads as well as all cakes, cookies pastas, etc. If you insist on eating pasta, make it a whole grain Aspelt@ pasta and eat as little pasta and as much vegetable/tomato sauce as possible. The body converts flour products into sugars very rapidly, and cancer feeds on this sugar. Lets feed the healthy cells and not the cancer. Also eliminate all poppep or puffed grains as these may be even worse. If you must eat a piece of bread per day (not more!) than make it Ezekiel bread from Food for Life or  the amazing gluten free breads from Julian Bakery

All foods cooked in any type of deep fat fryer whether fast food or at a fancy restaurant. In other words no French fries, onion rings, tempura, fried zucchini, etc. (ask me how to make healthy ones). No chips unless they are baked, not fried, (and contain NO added oils) and keep that to an absolute minimum since they are made from flour.

Eliminate any food which contains any Apartially hydrogenated@ oil of any kind. Do not use standard types or brands of vegetable oils, only Flora and Omega brand unless it is extra virgin olive oil. All oils must be refrigerated! Use Omega Oils- Catalog 1-800-661-3529

No ordinary poultry, red meats, or standard eggs. Use only those, which were antibiotic and hormone free from birth to death and raised on diets as close as possible to their natural diets.This means grass fed, out door free range. US Wellness Meats Are # 1 In the country. For Eggs, I suggest New Zeland Grass Fed and Organic Valley are always my first choices.

  • No canned foods, and frozen only if necessary. Fresh live foods whenever possible.
  • No fruit juices because they are concentrated sugars and are just as bad as a candy bar.
  • No store bought mayonnaise, they are all made from very bad and rancid oils
  • No regular table salt. Use only special (non-white) French Sea salt 1-800-903-SALT



Fresh vegetables raw or cooked No limit, eat lots of non-starchy vegetables! and season them however you like them best. (Most spices are very healthy especially ginger and turmeric and all fresh herbs). Cooked vegetables are often digested more easily by people with cancer than raw vegetables, unless the raw ones are juiced.

Raw fresh fruit should be reduced as much as possible, however an apple a day or a portion of fresh berries is fine as long as it is not strawberries.

Beans, always soaked over night first and eaten in small quantities. Neither grains nor beans should be a dominant food source but rather may be added in small quantities if desired. They contain a lot of starch which converts to sugar. adzuki, pinto, kidney, great northern, etc. DO NOT EAT ANY SOY PRODUCTS EXCEPT THOSE THAT STATE ON THE LABEL THAT THEY HAVE BEEN EITHER FERMENTED OR AGED! (Miso, tempeh and natto are good, but tofu, soy milk and soy cheeses are bad) for more information go to

Whole large grains, always soaked overnight, such as spelt, kamut, barley. Small grains need not be soaked such as amaranth, quinoa, and teff. Some of the most nutritious grains appear to be teff, quinoa and amaranth. Barley converts to sugar very slowly and is therefore also an excellent grain. In general, grains should not be consumed as a main food but rather as a small portion, if desired, along with your plate full of healthy vegetables, properly raised animal protein and good fats and oils.

Eggs are fine as long as you buy San Pasqual, Shelton's, or a free range grass fed preferably organic egg. They may be cooked separately or added to any other food. Poached or boiled. For frying use coconut butter, or ghee. (Coconut butter only from Omega Nutrition). Eggs should be from vegetarian fed hens and be free of hormones and antibiotics. (New Zealand eggs may also be fine). The free range ones get the additional benefit of eating some of the insects that are part of their natural diet.

Cook organic grass fed beef as rare as possible. The best is the New Zealand Beef and the beef from Wrights mentioned above. These are both from pasture fed animals and NOT grain or corn fed. Rare beef has a great deal more nutrition and is also much easier to digest than beef cooked medium or more.

Pasteurized milk has had all of its health benefits destroyed by heating, so the only good quality milk is Organic Pastures7 Claravale7 whole Raw milk available only in San Diego, LA, and Orange counties. If you MUST drink a pasteurized milk, use Organic Valley and use only whole milk, but the RAW is far- far better. Use foods as presented by nature, every time humans change them, we make them less healthy.

Good quality organic plain Whole Milk yoghurt is OK if you have no problem with dairy products. You may sweeten it with stevia and add a small amount of fresh cut up berries for added flavor.

Acceptable oils for any kind of cooking or sauteeing are limited to Ghee, raw sweet butter, or coconut or sesame oil from either OmegaJ, or FloraJ Omega may be ordered at 1- 800-661-3529

For oils which will not be cooked such as for making salad dressing, or on some very occasional pasta or bread, use extra virgin olive oil, flax seed oil, sunflower oil, pistachio oil, walnut oil, or a combination. Always use unfiltered raw apple cider vinegar when making your own salad dressings.



The two best drinks are water and fresh carrot juice. (Must be raw and NOT pasteurized)
Okay once in a while would be a soda made by you, from seltzer or club soda with a small amount of some good quality fresh juice like unfiltered apple added maybe with a twist of fresh lemon or lime and stevia for added sweetness. A Fresh lemon or lime may be squeezed into your daily water for added benefit if you like. Much better would be to make the “soda” from Gerolsteiner sparkling water with Stevita brand flavoring powder added. 1-888-STEVITA

Never eat within 2 2 hours of bedtime
Stevia, a special herb, is acceptable as a sweetener. (Different brands taste differently)

Some possible beginning supplements while you're waiting to see me. If you wish to be aggressive in assisting your body in its ability to fight or if you wish to add them to whatever your own health practitioner is doing with you.

A good multi-vitamin such as Super Nutrition AThe Perfect Blend@ formula 1 or 2, taken as 2 tablets towards the end of breakfast and 2 more towards the end of dinner. Never take a multi at the beginning of a meal or without food. These are available at Whole Foods market and other fine health food stores.

  • Extra vitamin C 2000mg per meal. (Min 6,000mg/day) A good product is Ultra gram C by Rainbow Light.

  • Milk Thistle Capsules 160mg with breakfast and dinner for liver support (liver support)

  • Alpha Lipoic Acid 100mg with each meal (Jarrow is a good brand) (liver support and anti-oxidant)

  • Vitamin A from Fish Liver Oil Capsules. 50-100,000iu per day for 30 days

Immune-26 powder 3 scoops once a day (3 cans/month)
It is suggested that you take a portion a day for 4 days, then raise to two a day for 4 days more, then continue at three scoops/day. This gets the body used to the immune changes. If a loose stool occurs, raise the dose more slowly. 

Carlson brand Cod Liver oil 1 Tablespoon per day and Omega 3-6-9 oil from Omega Nutrition 1-800-661-3529 also add 1 Tablespoon per day. Keep both in the fridge and use a MEASURING Tablespoon not a soup spoon.CoQ-10 500-800mg taken once per day with a meal Use only Q-Absorb-100 by Jarrow Formulas available from some health food stores and from Beachwood Canyon at at a discount Plus Generation from Beachwood Canyon (above) 3 capsules with breakfast and dinnerTheraMend by Rainbow Light 2 tablets per meal (higher may be more helpful)

Available at better health food storesThese suggestions are nowhere near the amount of information you need when you are fighting cancer, but it is a substantial start. I do not really like to give supplement suggestions prior to the initial consultation, however since I am generally booked 6-10 weeks ahead, I make an exception with cancer. In addition, use VERY few network products in my practice, but Immune-26 is an excellent product and enables you to get started prior to seeing me in person.

Another good product is CELLFOOD. This can be ordered at recommended usage would be to put the drops in the 2 quarts (minimum) of good quality drinking water you should be consuming throughout the day. Start at 30 drops per day and every week you could increase by ten to reach 60-80/day. Cellfood7 concentrate can digest natural fabrics. Be careful where you drip the drops.

The above suggestions are simply because I am booked up months in advance. Many people who are either waiting to see me or have attended one of my lectures or classes have asked that I put this information in writing so that they might possibly look into some of the products I use in my practice. The above constitute less than 1% of the products I utilize, but are some of the best for a general beginning until you can obtain further guidance. Please consult your current health professional before starting any new program. This information is neither a cure for cancer nor a general recommendation that everyone take if they have been diagnosed with cancer.

Toxic metals such as mercury, lead, etc. have been shown to be an important reason that the body's immune system will not work adequately to fight cancer. Currently, the best product that is easily available to the public, for slowly and safely chelating (binding & removing) these poisons, is NCD or Natural Cellular Defence from Waiora. My recommendation is 10 drops three times each day (any time is okay, I generally have my patients do first thing in the AM, last thing at night and some third time during the day).To order go to it is an MLM organization (but a great product) so the product is much less expensive if you sign up before you order. You may also call me first 877 503 5335 and I will place you in contact with a great lady.. You will have to ask for her when you call. She will set up your paperwork and get your order placed and answer your questions. If you experience any fatigue (not usually a problem), immediately reduce the dose to half as many drops for a week and then bring it back up. Any fatigue, reduce the dose for a while.

Immune Builder by Mushroom Science is a great immune supplement at better health food stores. I use doses varying from 4 to 6 capsules 2 to 3 times per day as another immune booster

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