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I offer a complimentary coaching consultation in an online webinar for  people like yourself, who want to learn more about the extraordinary results that are possible through life coaching. This conversation is an opportunity for you to experience my coaching style and process, for me to learn more about you and your goals, and for us to explore whether working with me as your coach is the right choice for you. To schedule your complimentary coaching consultation and webinar (about 1 hour by phone and with your computer online), please complete and submit the following form.

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Life Coaching By Design is about your life, your time, your happiness, and your fulfillment.It’s about giving yourself permission, and taking the time, to:

STOP - To give yourself permission to get off of life’s treadmill, out of the fast lane, and/or beyond the rat race.

THINK - To reflect. To figure out what’s most important to you - your values and beliefs about life, and to prioritize, plan, design, and choose the life you want to lead.

ACT - To take charge of your life and fully engage in life, instead of being a spectator in life.

LEAVE BEHIND- To get rid of those things in your life that aren’t working anymore.

LIVE - To live the life and lifestyle that you desire each and every day.

Call 877.503.5335 Ext 1  If you have  some practical challenges or issues that require exploration and self discovery.  I will give you some tools for creating effective steps and ensuring high buy-in from you through out the process of our 50 minute call. Best of all, I will give you these tools for no charge. Please fill in your info in the box above I will email you  questons and some of my available times.