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Our Ancestors ate to survive. They ate because they were hungry or maybe to celebrate a victory over a warring tribe. We eat because we are angry, bored, stressed, depressed, watching a movie, busy , not busy enough, getting together with a few friends, or really upset the Chargers lost.  What we think of as an emotional reaction where we substitute chocolate for a conversation or ice cream for a bath, or chips for a punching bag, is not always about character, it is more often about your bodies chemistry and the foods that are designed to fit it.

Eating a meal that is right for your metabolic type will improve your energy, increase your mental capacities, and boost your emotional well-being.  Each meal should leave you feeling well-satisfied for several hours. If you are already feeling good, eating should, at the very least, help to maintain your energy level. But if you feel worse in some way an hour or so after eating, it could be what you just ate.  Here are some efffects of eating the wrong foods:

These symptoms might be due to an improper combination of proteins, fats and carbohydrates at your last meal. You might be eating the perfect foods for your metabolism, but having too much of one type of food in place of another can easily produce the symptoms listed above. Take the advanced food finger print test and find out which foods are your medicine or your poison (over 350 foods will be listed)

Results will normally be emailed to you within the hour. You'll receive everything you need to start using  your "No Diet" Diet right away.  You will  recieve your diet listing all the foods that work for your DNA. Also included is a  guide to using the list, diet check record sheets, sample menus, cooking and shopping guidlines, as well as  two hours of in-person or tele-consultations with your certified Wellness CSI/ Advanced Metabolic Typing Advisor, Chek Nutritional Life Coach, and Functional Diagnostic Nutrition Specialist.
Jump Start Package
Rememeber : You Are Unique!  The Way You RespondTo Food, Exercise & Stress Varies From Person  To Person Just Like Our Fingerprints Click On The Plate For Your Own Free Report

The MT.Nutritional Jump Start Package includes

2 Weeks Of Investigation & Self Discovery: First You Will Start By Keeping 7-10 Days Of Food, Exercise and Sleep Diaries, Fill Out Your Personal  Health and Lifestyle Questionnaires  Along With A Set  Of  In-Depth Questionnaires.  These Questionnaires Are Designed  to Reveal Clues About Your Stress Patterns, Sleep And Circadian Repair Cycle Rhythms, Digestive Health, Your Bodies Toxicity Levels,  What You Eat, When You Eat It. We Will Give You Your Individual Results When We Have Our First Session With You.

The Comprehensive Advanced Metabolic Typing Test;  was designed to provide you with a painless way to regain control of your health, your weight, your diet, and everything that contributes to 'Command Central' of your personal wellbeing. And that means personal wellbeing all the way down to your mission-critical cellular level.  Timing of Your Food  We have learned that it is not only the food you eat but the actual order that you eat your food that can have a major impact on how you respond to that meal. To get your food fingerprint...

You Will Receive A Private Access Code & Link To Take Your Advanced Food Fingerprint Test Online. Immediately after completing your test, you will receive these personalized tools for success:

#!1   Eat Move and Be Healthy Questionnaire With Graph

#2    Sleep Food And Exercise Diaries

#3    Health & Lifestyle Profile

#4    Current Health History Please Fill  Out

In 4 Sessions  you will discover how to use your internal cues to discern true appetite and honor hunger. Learn to develop a new relationship with food that builds a positive body image and attitude toward eating well.

These 40 Minute Sessions Are Designed To Provide You With Feedback And Expert Recommendations, Answers, Tips, And Tools. You Will Invest A Small Amount of Time To learn a large amount of information and the essential needs of the body. You will learn real science and basic nutrition, the most updated evidence to support wellness and longevity and how those principles apply to physical, mental and medical concerns. 

You Will Also Receive For Your Continuing Education

Our Advanced Metabolic Typing & Food Fingerprint™ program is easy to understand so you can rapidly improve your health by adopting these basic foundational health principles.  Get Jump Started Today For Only $497 As soon as we recieve notice that you purchased the package we will contact you with instructions and a timeline of your program, including mailing you the tools you will need to get started.
$497 Jump Start Package
$497 Jump Start Package
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