By learning, listening and getting in touch with your body so that exercise becomes a new movement. You train consciously and correctly, without injury, becoming a self-reliant machine that knows what it needs, how, why and when. We combine intuitive learning, consciousness and an approach that discovers what works specifically for you.

Specialists and experts in their fields will guide you with constant support and motivation, then they step back so you can create your own reliance through self-experience.

As you embrace the Wellness CSI approach, life changes!  Creativity, confidence and strength begin to take on new meanings. These concepts become pieces of you, pieces you begin to own and act on.

When you use our unique system, workouts cease to be tiring, in fact, they become invigorating.

We Teach you how to "Work In" and "Work Out"  there’s no over-training or under-training. We create specialized fitness and nutrition programs that speaks to who you are.

An athlete? Artist? Executive? Senior? Student? How can we create the perfect program that challenges, inspires, replenishes and ultimately transforms you? That’s our goal, that’s what we do.

Our functional approach and life changing programs provide the solitude and safety that facilitates this inner knowing and comfort. The proper food, nutrition, exercise, stress management, QiGong, Yoga,  massage and many other disciplines.  Our Wellness CSI approach provides help support your growth, healing and total well being.

Call For Our Session Prices: Power Half Hours,  TRX Workouts, Boot Camp, Partner Training, DVD Sessions,  Private Sessions,  Are All Available in A Private Fully Furnished, State of the Art Studio Located in Palm Desert, California. 

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