I know it is your nature to be humble and make your clients feel 100% positive about what they are doing and what they have accomplished.  While admirable and for most the right thing to say or do, but for me that is not the case.  I have wanted to get back in this type of shape for over 15 years and couldn't do it....You have given me far more than I could even articulate.

I know  that without a doubt I have changed  my life and how I approach nutrition and my overall health.  That wasn't just me,in fact it was due in large part to you....I appreciate all you have taught me and all you have shared with me.   Certain people make a big impact on who we become in life and I "Thank You" for playing a HUGE roll in who I will become moving forward.  Both professionally and personally you have given me the chance to meet challenges and achieve goals I would not have been able to do without your help.

Steve Pufpaf  V.P. Western Region Marriott Hotels

Real People... Real Results!
I tried the conventional gym trying to lose weight and regain some endurance and stamina.  41 and insulin dependent, 343 pounds.  How did I get here? Four months later I had lost 10 pounds and gained it back. A close friend recommended Ingo.  She explained that this training studio was state of the art and the trainer was different.  Not the huge, impersonal meat market of large health clubs.  Intimate and professional.   I was reluctant, but what I was doing wasn’t working either.  I decided to give it a try.  This was the best decision of 2006. Ingo Loge journeyed with me and provided a nutritional education, physical training, menu preparation, motivating personality, and dedication to the process that I have never expe-rienced before.

Mr. Loge was knowledgeable and open.  He understood what my goals were and explained that I needed to refine the way in which I ate and exercised. The level of education, the CD’s and reference books painted a clear picture.  We discussed my diabetes and innovative programs.  It all started to make sense.  The heart monitor, understanding metabolic rates, core work,  and the cardiovascular warm up.  I double checked with outside professionals and searched for information on the Internet.  Mr. Loge knew what he was teaching.  I was willing to put my full trust in his skill.

Today I am 260 pounds, down 5 pant sizes.  I have a normal size neck with only one chin.  An improved circulation, increased vitality and stamina,  a lighter, brighter spirit.  These are the gifts I have received as a result of working with Mr. Loge.  83 pounds gone!  I went from four daily insulin injections to none.  Yes, that’s right.  I no longer have any symptoms of type II diabetes.

Confidence, satisfaction, increased well being and the knowledge of how to live a healthy lifestyle. The level of education, personal service, cutting edge technology and nutritional support has combined to improve my quality of life and overall health.  None of this would have been possible without the expertise, dedication and personal attention provided by Mr. Ingo Loge. 

In today’s world of false promises and hype, Mr. Logé and Fitness Forever Team are the real deal.  An environment of positive training support and education. More than the warehouse gym mentality, it provided me with the tailor made program to ensure my success.  I just needed to be willing to unlearn some destructive habits, and participate in a life changing training program.  Thank you, Ingo. 
123 Pounds Gone!  I Went From Four Daily Insulin Injections To None
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"I know  that without a doubt I have changed  my life and how I approach nutrition and my overall health".
Thank you.... you helped save my life... Toni Wade
Here's an unprompted "thank you"....I decided for no reason to go on your wonderful cleanse this week....five days into it and feeling amazing! Introducing a little starch and fruit today and moving along nicely. Juvo shakes....kamut flakes....eating from the earth and feeling like myself again. There are moments when I realize how much you taught me and how much you changed my life. Thank you for all of it.... Suzanne Halmrast Virtue
Right on Ingo. You, my friend, are a force of nature and gifted by God for all of us to benefit from!  -Bill Hart-
“I walked in and talked to Ingo thinking
I couldn’t do anything about my health and weight. I was wrong".
July 13th – Sept 10th, 2010 Coffee Bean Del Mar GM Larry Phillips 
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